Lover's Day Edit: DIY Moonlight Cinema

As lover's day is around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to share a DIY moonlight cinema that I created in December, for my two year anniversary with the boyf. It was so lovely to just sit in the privacy of our own backyard, with a grazing board, wine and blissful tunes, before watching Love Actually under the stars with some home-made lettuce tacos and of course, more wine.

I told Aythan that he had to come home to help Mum and myself move some furniture (we were just about to move in, you see), and to bring a change of nice clothes so we could go from there to where I had 'booked' for dinner. When he arrived, everything was set up and it definitely caught him by surprise... It all came together so perfectly, that I'm now offering this as one of my intimate event options!

DIY moonlight cinema - Inspire Musings Creative
DIY moonlight cinema - inspire musings creative

If you're planning to create your own moonlight cinema at home, here's a list of the essentials you'll need:

♥   Projector and portable speakers

♥   White Sheet

♥   Foam mattress 

♥   Bedding

♥   Side Table for all your goodies

♥  Fairy Lights

Begin by setting up the bed - I used an old foam mattress that I was happy to have on the ground, before layering the sheets, quilt and cushions to create the ultimate cosy zone. 

Next, hang up your white sheet in a spot that's easy to fasten and in prime viewing from your bed. In our yard we have a shade cloth that covers some of our ferns, so this made for the perfect cinema screen. I popped some of our pot plants in the corners to stop the sheet from blowing up in the wind - knowing my luck this would have happened at prime viewing time!

So you don't have to keep getting up to go inside and grab your goodies, you'll need a little side table to house your wine, plates, candles and anything else you want to have with you. I filled our champagne cooler with ice so our drinks would be kept cool, too!

Set up your projector just to the side of your bed, with portable speakers on either side. If you don't have speakers, you can just use your laptop speakers if need be. 

Last but not least, deck out your space with all of your favourite touches. I hung my macrame wall-hanging from a big pine tree, some crochet bunting from the verandah, whipped up a little grazing board and strung some fairy-lights around the space for that final bit of ambiance. 

DIY moonlight cinema - inspire musings creative
Grazing table Adelaide - inspire musings creative
Grazing table adelaide - inspire musings creative

If you create your own moonlight cinema, hashtag #inspiremusingscreative so I can see your creations! Better yet, if you want me to create one of these special little set-ups for your next intimate event, get in touch here.


Boho Baby Shower | Inspire Musings Creative

In late November last year I had the absolute pleasure of organising, styling and catering my lovely Auntie and Uncle's baby shower, before the imminent arrival of my little cousin Lara, who was soon born a month later (exciting!!!).

Set against the background of my back garden, it was only appropriate to make sure everything was homely, rustic and welcoming, with a touch of bohemian decor - true to what Inspire Musings Creative is all about. The event featured a subtle colour palette of blush pink, green and blue-grey against the natural timber chairs, dessert table, pallet bar and allll of the wild flowers that feature throughout the garden. 

Adelaide bohemian events - Inspire Musings Creative
Grazing Table Adelaide - Inspire Musings Creative


Adelaide event styling - boho events Adelaide - Inspire Musings Creative
Event Stylist Adelaide - Inspire Musings Creative
Grazing table adelaide - Adelaide events - Inspire Musings Creative

To keep our big family happy and full, I created a grazing 'runner' down the middle of our table, making it easy for everyone to get in on the action. All of the produce was sourced from local farmers' fruit stalls and small goods suppliers, with a few home-made goodies thrown in - like our savoury muffins and quiche, and lust-worthy cake by one of my talented Aunties. 

Adelaide Events - Grazing Tables - Inspire Musings Creative

let me eat cake

Other elements around the garden were styled with native wildflowers, crochet bunting and our cute cactus candles, while the dessert table featured our natural wood cake stands, bohemian lanterns, bottles, and our gorgeous ornate tea cups. One of my favourite touches to the day was our pallet bar, sitting pretty as you walked in with prosecco spritz cocktails waiting for guests on arrival...

Bohemian Events Adelaide - Inspire Musings Creative
Adelaide pop up bar - Inspire Musings Creative

prosecco spritz bar

Wine Barrel Hire Adelaide - Inspire Musings Creative
Bohemian event styling Adelaide - Inspire Musings Creative
Dessert table styling - Adelaide events - Inspire Musings Creative

Everything came together beautifully on the day, and our mumma to be couldn't have been happier! If you like what you see, get in touch so we can help you create the perfect boho inspired event. 

Inspire Musings

That's the way it is, but is it how it should be?

This evening I caught up with one of my closest friends, and a new friend, for beers, banter and a little bit of business (but mainly beers). After our conversations I reflected back on a beautiful piece of writing I read today, written by aforementioned close friend - and it got me thinking. Why do we conform to societal norms? I was so disgruntled/motivated by my thoughts that I literally scribbled them down on a piece of note-paper I had lying around. 

Scribbling in question. 

Scribbling in question. 

For those reading along at home, there's next to no way of deciphering said scribbles, so I've translated them for you.

Why do we need to 'escape' the weekly grind? Why isn't our weekly grind one of purposeful existence? It's amazing how fear rules our lives - the fear to quit our mundane, mind numbing jobs, take that road less travelled and exceed our own expectations of living. The fear of not being 'accepted' in society, to fill the 'normal' stereotype. 

Societal norms are not norms, they are constructs designed to keep our minds numb, our brains full of utter crap that does not matter. 

Consume this to make your life better. Dress like this to make you look richer, spend money on this to continue living this fucking monotonous drawl people call life. 

I'm taking a stand in this moment, to live life to the absolute fullest - in every capacity of the word. 

That's enough for today. 

Inspire Musings Alana Trezise

A New Chapter


If you were a reader of my previous blog under the same name, it's been a while. If you're new to my musings, welcome. Inspire Musings isn't just a place for me to unload (or upload) my thoughts, write stories and reflections, but a space where anyone can come to find that little bit of inspiration.

I've always been an avid writer, blogger and media consumer, so much so that my own creative ventures have often taken a back seat in order to work on my career. Whether it be journals, diaries or notebooks, writing has always been somewhat of an outlet. When I moved out of home about a year and a half ago, I actually found a journal I began at age 6. It was so funny reading about what made a 6 year-old's life so difficult - her younger brother, school and dislike for peas - but it was also kind of amazing, reading my reflections on life at such a tender age. It's also incredible that I still love writing as much as I did back then; pouring my thoughts and reflections on to the page, however one could say I've improved in my approach, just a little bit. 

It's probably no surprise to those who know me - I've always found comfort in a good piece of writing, a beautiful artwork or some emotionally engaging music, something I hope to bring here and share with anyone who reads this, too. 

Alana Trezise - Inspire Musings

Apart from the outpouring of creativity, Inspire Musings is a place where anyone seeking a media, communications, social media or events specialist can view my portfolio, and get inspired. I love working with others to create and innovate, so if anything takes your fancy, let's talk!

I'm so excited to write more, create more, meet amazing people, beautiful clients and most of all, inspire others.