South Australian Travel Diary: Intro

Hello friends!

Welcome to my new blog series, the South Australian Travel Diary. Considering I tend to spend many of my weekends exploring our great state, camping under the stars and hiking SA's peaks, I thought it would be a perfect way to kick off the travel stories side of Inspire Musings. 

I want to inspire fellow Adelaidians to explore our bloody beaut state, and entice the rest of you Aussie babes to come and visit us down South. Throughout the series I'll be taking you around South Australia through my words and pictures, while letting you in on all my tips and tricks along the way.

Next Sunday I'll be dropping the first blog in the series - so keep a weathered eye on the gram for the announcement.

🌳 wander more ✨ #inspiremusings #openmyworld

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Inspire Musings - Alana Trezise

That's the way it is, but is it how it should be?

This evening I caught up with one of my closest friends, and a new friend, for beers, banter and a little bit of business (but mainly beers). After our conversations I reflected back on a beautiful piece of writing I read today, written by aforementioned close friend - and it got me thinking. Why do we conform to societal norms? I was so disgruntled/motivated by my thoughts that I literally scribbled them down on a piece of note-paper I had lying around. 

Scribbling in question. 

Scribbling in question. 

For those reading along at home, there's next to no way of deciphering said scribbles, so I've translated them for you.

Why do we need to 'escape' the weekly grind? Why isn't our weekly grind one of purposeful existence? It's amazing how fear rules our lives - the fear to quit our mundane, mind numbing jobs, take that road less travelled and exceed our own expectations of living. The fear of not being 'accepted' in society, to fill the 'normal' stereotype. 

Societal norms are not norms, they are constructs designed to keep our minds numb, our brains full of utter crap that does not matter. 

Consume this to make your life better. Dress like this to make you look richer, spend money on this to continue living this fucking monotonous drawl people call life. 

I'm taking a stand in this moment, to live life to the absolute fullest - in every capacity of the word. 

That's enough for today. 

Inspire Musings Alana Trezise

A New Chapter


If you were a reader of my previous blog under the same name, it's been a while. If you're new to my musings, welcome. Inspire Musings isn't just a place for me to unload (or upload) my thoughts, write stories and reflections, but a space where anyone can come to find that little bit of inspiration.

I've always been an avid writer, blogger and media consumer, so much so that my own creative ventures have often taken a back seat in order to work on my career. Whether it be journals, diaries or notebooks, writing has always been somewhat of an outlet. When I moved out of home about a year and a half ago, I actually found a journal I began at age 6. It was so funny reading about what made a 6 year-old's life so difficult - her younger brother, school and dislike for peas - but it was also kind of amazing, reading my reflections on life at such a tender age. It's also incredible that I still love writing as much as I did back then; pouring my thoughts and reflections on to the page, however one could say I've improved in my approach, just a little bit. 

It's probably no surprise to those who know me - I've always found comfort in a good piece of writing, a beautiful artwork or some emotionally engaging music, something I hope to bring here and share with anyone who reads this, too. 

Alana Trezise - Inspire Musings

Apart from the outpouring of creativity, Inspire Musings is a place where anyone seeking a media, communications, social media or events specialist can view my portfolio, and get inspired. I love working with others to create and innovate, so if anything takes your fancy, let's talk!

I'm so excited to write more, create more, meet amazing people, beautiful clients and most of all, inspire others.